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Submitted on
April 28, 2012


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commissions info

Sat Apr 28, 2012, 12:25 PM

status:   <da:thumb id="297973979"/>

I only accept payments in USD through paypal!
Please send the payment with the fee, you can calculate it using
(enter the price under the first box)


b/w sketch:
500x500: $4
sketch samples by pap6r

simple cg:
headshot: $15 ★ bust: $20 ★ waistup: $40 
thighup: $50 ★ fullbody: n/a
V by naseu commission: shaish by pap6r commission: shmoopiedumplings by pap6r

full cg:
headshot: $23 ★ bust: $28 ★ waistup: $50 
thighup: $60 ★ fullbody: $85
morgiana by naseu Super High School Level Despair by naseu alice's pastel wonderland by naseu

chibi (samples are quite old):
pokemon trainer by pap6r sailor boy by pap6r


full anthro, baldness, mecha, 18+


anything else, but as you can tell I'm best with girls/girly guys and lighter colours!

simple cloudy bg like = +$2 to the base price!


1) Note me with the title "commission"
2) I'll accept, and add you to the list. I'll only offer wips for the chibis & full cgs! So for the other styles, please be as detailed as possible about your character when ordering!!
3) I'll note you my paypal address, and you will send me the payment w/ fees
4) I'll send you the picture when I'm done


Paypal Email:
Style: (simple sketch headshot/full cg waistup/etc.)
Eye Colour: (no need to fill out if b&w)
Hair Colour: (no need to fill out if b&w)
Skin Colour: (no need to fill out if b&w)
Other: (personality, age, important info, etc. )
Total Price:

Skin by givesnofuck (modified by naseu)
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BrokenHeart-Lima Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2014
*cries* I discovered your art today and it is one of the most beautiful things to grace this Earth. So sad you're not taking commissions, but I will be patiently waiting.
eumoir Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2014
ahh would there happen to be a waitlist? <3
naseu Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2014
I don't have a waitlist but if you want you can note me a form and I'll let you know when commissions are open!
eumoir Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2014
ahh i haven't decided my charas yet but i'd love to get a b/w sketch!
(sorry for the super late reply OTL)
Haemoptysis Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2012
sdvfbnsffdsdfbng AS SOON AS I GET PAYPAL. a-also do you offer bgs like the ones in the um "apple of fate" & "garden of everything" drawings?(i mean like the flowers and i think more extreme cloudy/spacey bg) and how much would they cost additionally ; ; sorry if i overlooked anything or fergbd hhe ; ;""
naseu Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2012
thanks for the thought hehe ; u ;

and umm depends I guess?? If you just want like a more detailed sky it'll prob be like $5 or something but I don't think I will offer... flowers... because... they take me really really long lol oTL;;
Haemoptysis Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2012
ah i see thanks!! oh i can relate theyre quite... difficult ; ;
leinef Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
hnnngghh is there any chance to commission you for a fullbody piece? >.<
I really love your work!
naseu Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2012
ahh it prob depends on the character, I don't like doing fullbodies much ; u ; note me and we can work something out?
ram-jam Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
wwwwwwwww good luck!!! that's really awful ;m;a i hope you'll be alright omg
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